About Me

About Kat:

Still learning blogging basics
Loves to bake... and eat (foodie)
Loves Jesus and her Fiance
Loves patios and good company
Loves flip flops and summertime
Smacks her gum
Should have been born in the 50's
Loves vintage
Obsessed with Paula Deen
Loves traveling the world
Can't live without chapstick
Would skip work to soak up some sun
Loves big dogs
Follows the golden rule
Always makes time for friends
Love/hates spin class
Ben & Jerry's + chick flick = perfect night
Loves the smell of fire in the winter
Listens to Christmas music year-round
Loves college football
Can't wait to marry her best friend :)

I am constantly experimenting with new flavors and always open to suggestions! Check out my current flavors here.